Business Law
Corporations, LLCs, Contracts, etc.

Sometimes also referred to as corporate law, transaction law and/or commercial law, this is the specialized area of law..

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Estate Planning
Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Medical Directives and related stuff

Estate planning is LIFE PLANNING, first and foremost. When we meet with clients, often the most important things for them..

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Estate Planning is LIFE Planning

There is a LOT of noise, a lot of misinformation out there about estate planning and one of the most common myths is that estate planning is JUST death planning---you know, going down to the mortician and picking out your casket. While estate planning DOES address end of life situations, please understand that PROPER estate planning is concerned primarily with LIFE planning issues.

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5 questions about hiring an attorney

10 reasons NOT to do estate planning

BrianOgden, Utah

Ryan was patient, extremely knowledgeable, and very thorough in guiding us towards creating all the facets (healthcare decisions, wealth transfer planning, successor trustees, long term care planning, and many more) of our plan. We are extremely satisfied with the final result. We highly recommend Ryan.

KristiKaysville, Utah

Ryan stepped into our situation at a very challenging time. My husband was dying from cancer and had very little time left. We were faced with making decisions relative to selling his business. When it was obvious that we could not meet in Ryan’s office, he came to us. He quickly reviewed sloppily created business documents and family trust documents put them right. By listening carefully, he quickly got up to speed on the history of this company and skillfully reflected my husband’s wishes in legal documents that have protected me moving forward. His experience and professional foresight have given me options. More than once he has driven long distances, and/or made himself available during later evening hours to meet my schedule. He has helped me navigate the surprise involvement of extended family into previously determined plans, with a selling proposal that is better in all aspects. I honestly do not know what I would have done without his friendship and counsel.

MaryOgden, Utah

I highly recommend Ryan Jensen. We became acquainted with Ryan when he offered an information meeting on estates and trusts. We found him very knowledgeable and sincere. Since my husband had limited mobility Ryan came to our home to finalize and have the documents signed. My husband passed away very unexpectedly in March of 2015 and Ryan was and has been there for me, guiding me through the myriad of paperwork required by the life insurance companies, pensions and any other documents needed. My husband and I were very pleased with the care Ryan has shown us, and compassion and care for me and my family with my husband’s untimely passing.

JohnPark City, Utah

Ryan was very knowledgeable and interested in our particular situation as well as that of our daughter for whom he also prepared a trust. He explained complex issues in an understandable way and he was very patient.

LindaBountiful, Utah

Ryan is very personable, yet professional and courteous. He has been quick to respond to our questions and concerns. I would not hesitate in recommending Ryan to other family members or friends.

ToddSmithfield, Utah

I have NO reservations in recommending Ryan Jensen to anyone- we had an excellent experience. We hired Mr. Jensen to help with our family trust and we couldn’t be more pleased with the whole experience. He was so helpful, knowledgeable and patient from the first day to the last. He followed through on every single detail and went above and beyond in so many cases. I had put off our trust for quite some time, fearing that it was going to be a headache. I could not believe how simple and quickly everything was finished up, thanks to Mr. Jensen’s help.

JasonProvidence, Utah

Ryan is a very competent attorney. He is very trustworthy and did a great job for my family and I with our estate planning. I highly recommend anyone looking for a specialized estate planning attorney to hire Ryan. He is great at follow up and making sure all documents are up to date and done correctly.

CharlesLayton, Utah

Very detail oriented, spent the time to explain advantages and disadvantages to each question or request concerning preparation of our Estate Planning.

Marilyn Park City, Utah

Ryan Jensen provided outstanding quality of legal assistance. I was greatly impressed with his vast knowledge & level of expertise in asset protection. He updated my trust & I am most comfortable with the estate plan now in place. I appreciated his extraordinary attention to detail, thorough understanding of federal & state law & prompt follow- through to completion of work. He listens, clarifies & is an excellent communicator insuring that all legal documents are understood. Indeed, I have a wonderful peace of mind knowing that I have carefully provided for my family.

BrendaHyde Park, Utah

Mr. Jensen is competent. He knew the law and was honest in his advise. Mr. Jensen is responsible. He did what he said he would do in a timely manner. I never felt any pressure from Mr. Jensen. He informed us and then left the decision up to us. He listened to my questions and responded thoughtfully. He went out of his way to schedule meetings. He was always courteous. Mr. Jensen is an excellent lawyer.

BobPark City, Utah

Ryan worked with us to update our Living Trust. He was responsive to meet us at a location not at his office because the office was unavailable due to street construction. The finished product of the trust is comprehensive and understandable. he also quickly responded to follow up phone call questions we had.

LandonStansbury Park, Utah

I have worked with Ryan to set up an estate plan and a LLC. It has been a pleasure to work with Ryan Jensen. I have found him to be very trustworthy, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Ryan is quick to respond to phone calls and questions. I feel that Ryan has genuine concern for my family and my business. I have recommended Ryan to my colleagues and friends and look forward to continue working with Ryan.

MikeBrigham City, Utah

We needed at new trust for our family. Ryan provided that trust for a very fair fee. He has been very easy to work with, and explains legal terms in plain English.

RonWest Haven, Utah

Ryan was excellent to work with. He took the time to explain and answer all the questions I had. I never felt rushed. I like the idea that my trust is a lifetime commitment between Ryan and myself. I highly recommend him.

JasonLogan, Utah

I came to Ryan with a handful of questions. Ryan listened to my questions and gave me great advice. Then he followed up with me a few months later and asked if I needed any help with the things he recommended. The quality that I was most impressed with is that Ryan sat down with my wife and I and helped us structure a plan that will benefit my children and grandchildren. His experience in this field has proven priceless. He gave us recommendations and suggestions that my wife and I never knew were possible. I am not sure what the future holds for me, but I know that I have a plan in place that is rock solid secure.

CarmaLogan, Utah

I was very impressed at how knowledgeable and dedicated Ryan is. He works very hard to get every detail attended to. The fee is absolutely earned and is a wonderful value for what is offered.

JulieBrigham City, Utah

Our Trust was somewhat complex. Because it was, we waited far too long to have done. Ryan knew how to make a trust that dealt with previous inheritance and how to separate that out in a way that we wanted and was also in keeping with the wishes of those from whom we inherited. I really feel a burden has been lifted. Our trust, though still complex, will be easy for our heirs to accomplish the goals of the trust. Thanks Ryan!

RickOgden, Utah

I was very happy with Ryan’s work. He was honest, prompt, thorough, and what he wasn’t sure about he checked on and got back to me promptly. He stuck by the price for the work he gave me with no surprises.”

MattProvidence, Utah

I’ve been working with Ryan on several legal matters over the last several years. Ryan has helped me with some complicated estate issues and with several matters related to my business, including a partner buy-out and forming several new entities. Ryan is always quick to reply to questions and drafts documents quickly; because of his experience and swiftness, I’ve been able to favorably resolve all the matters he’s helped me with. Ryan is very good about keeping me informed about important changes to the legal landscape by emailing me updates on new statutes or regulatory positions. In short, Ryan does great work and is proactive about upcoming issues or concerns that may affect my company.

Nick Brigham City, Utah

Ryan Jensen was pivotal in helping us organize our Family Trust. He sat down with us, asked pertinent questions, told us exactly what steps he would be taking to set the trust up. He also was very informative and willing to answer any and all questions. He has made it very convenient for us to contact him, and is quick to respond.

Brent and Sharon Wellsville, Utah

Ryan updated our trusts. He was knowledgeable about what needed to be updated with current federal and state laws. He took time to thoroughly explain and to answer our questions regarding our estate, which is complicated. We felt confident with his expertise.

ShaunBountiful, Utah

I retained Attorney Ryan Jensen to create an Estate Plan for me including a very complex “Special Needs” trust for my daughter. Being unfamiliar with Wills and Estates, I found it all very confusing. His patience with me was incredible. I was not an easy client. Nonetheless, he explained everything to me, probably twice, very clearly. In addition, because of my limited mobility, he came to my residence to create all of the documents. I know I would never have felt this secure about my future, and my daughters, without Mr. Jensen’s expertise. His concern for my “Estate Plan” was deeply appreciated. Many stars.

JeffProvidence, Utah

I found Ryan to be very professional to work with. He was responsive to requests we had when drafting our estate paperwork. He explained the various aspects of estate planning very well. He completed the job in a timely manner and I was very impressed with the final product.

DebiLayton, Utah

Ryan was amazing to work with. He answered our questions, gave us the time we needed both in the office and when gathering our information. We appreciated his honesty, patience, knowledge in this area and knowing that what we discussed or decisions that we made where confidential as well as non-judgmental. He offered his input when he felt that we needed direction or clarification without making us feel uncomfortable. We would feel very comfortable recommending Ryan to anyone.

BryanLogan, Utah

Phenomenal lawyer you can trust. Ryan has helped me with advice and forming a new company, his knowledge in many areas is phenomenal. He is great to talk with and explains what you need to do to protect yourself .

DavidLogan, Utah

My wife and I just moved from Colorado and hired Ryan to update the estate planning documents we had completed while we lived in Colorado. We were very impressed with his level of knowledge and experience with Utah law and his attentiveness to detail. After working with Ryan we are very comfortable and pleased that we are leaving nothing to chance and that we have accounted for every possible scenario. We will recommend Ryan to all of our new friends in Utah.

ConnieTooele, Utah

Ryan Jensen is amazing. He has reviewed my complicated plan and has made it what it should have been. His expertise and attention to detail cannot be surpassed. His integrity is beyond reproach. I’m sure you could spend a great deal of time looking for someone to do your estate planning work, but you won’t find anyone who will do it any better. Ryan’s work is an exceptional value in all respects. If you’ve considered an estate plan, have a consultation with Ryan ASAP. If you haven’t considered a plan, make an appointment for a consultation with Ryan, he will honestly evaluate your needs and respect your decision. When you know you need the plan it may be too late.

ToddLogan, Utah

Ryan provided invaluable help for our family, which includes a special-needs child. We now sleep better at night knowing that should something unforeseen happen, our special needs child and our other children are going to be cared for in the way that we would want.

JennalynnSmithfield, Utah

“We just did our living trust through this company, WAY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

MichaelTooele, Utah

I can give Ryan my highest endorsement! Ryan has reviewed, up dated, and corrected my very complicated estate plan. In the past, I have spent a great deal of time and money with other estate planning firms and attorneys. Ryan has shown, by far, the greatest level of understanding and expertise. He will honestly evaluate your needs, explain your options, and provide the needed services, as you choose. You can have complete confidence that your plan will be what you need and want. Ryan will always create your plan with your best interests and desires in mind. You can rest assured that you will not find anyone with more legal and ethical skill or who is more up to date on the estate planning laws.

Fred and JoleenOgden, Utah

Working with Ryan is one of the best decisions we have made in our 47 years of marriage. We were impressed with Ryan Jensen from the very beginning, including the information he sent in the mail. We decided to attend his presentation. We were impressed by his presentation and all the things we learned. We decided to set up an appointment to meet with him. Ryan was very professional and thorough. He really appreciated that we had come to the meeting prepared with questions. We were there to learn, and to evaluate the correct next step for our lives. Ryan was personable, knowledgeable, and helpful. Ryan has always been just an email away in answering our questions, or needing clarification on any topic.
We highly recommend Ryan Jensen.

CherylSalt Lake City, Utah

Ryan was a pleasure to work with. He listened and responded quickly to all my questions.
Customer Service, Quality, Timeliness

AdelineKaysville, Utah

It is with great pleasure that we write this note regarding our experience with Ryan Jensen in our Estate Planning. After making an appointment with Ryan, he sent us two books that he had authored. They were so well written and informative; we felt as though we really knew what we wanted and needed in our Trust. At our first meeting with Ryan, he immediately made us feel welcomed and relaxed while maintaining an easy professionalism. He guided us through the steps of our Estate Planning giving advice and help along each step of the document planning. We certainly feel that we got the very best person with advice and knowledge. We are so grateful to Ryan and will certainly refer anyone we know who is in need of Estate Planning to him.

Immediate benefits of having an estate plan

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Do you lose sleep worrying about things you haven’t done? Procrastination is a problem for just about everyone. Our propensity to procrastinate probably plays a perilous role in our power to have peace of mind (hows that for alliteration?). Being able to “check things off the list” and otherwise stop worrying is such a great blessing! Wise and […]

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Utah Domestic Asset Protection Trust (DAPT)

April 12, 2013 | Downtown

The asset protection trust statute in Utah is among the very best in the nation. The Domestic Asset Protection Trust statute in Utah provides a useful framework for asset protection without the need to engage in various “off-shore” strategies. This law repeals and re-enact Section 25-6-14 of the Utah Code and is now found at […]

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