Myth 20: “ I’ll be dead, so why should I care?”

This might seem like a good point and perhaps you are right that YOU won’t care. On the other hand, those that you leave behind will likely care very much!

This myth encompasses many of the points I made earlier in this book, especially the one about proper estate planning involving planning for life; it’s not just about planning for death and what happens afterward. Given this reality, focusing solely or even primarily on what happens after your death is not the correct perspective.

Even if you’re not going to be worrying about these things after you’re dead (this isn’t the right forum for a religious discussion about the afterlife), you can be certain that those you care about the most who are left behind after your passing will most certainly care very much about what type of planning you’ve done. They will know (or will quickly find out) that your planning (or lack of it) will have a direct effect on their lives that could require them to spend a great deal of time and effort and money cleaning up the problems and messes you created and then left behind because you supposedly didn’t care.