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New Utah Law Limits Duration of Non-Compete Agreements

April 1, 2016

This new law does not outlaw non-compete agreements (as was rumored), but it does limit the duration of such agreements to 1 year. First and foremost, despite what you may have heard on the street, non-competition agreements are NOT outlawed in Utah. While it is true that some of our state legislators did try to head […]

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Sushi and Professional Services

March 11, 2016

Sushi and professional services have at least one thing in common: you should expect to pay a price for the good stuff. I love sushi. Let me clarify–I love good sushi. I would venture that most people who dislike sushi have never had quality sushi. Rather, most people who say that they “hate sushi” are those […]

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$3,000 per hour (and $100 per signature)

February 14, 2016

We tend to see the “value” in medical services, but there can sometimes be a disconnect in how we view services provided by non-medical professionals. One of my family members recently visited a local doctor’s office for a “prescription maintenance” appointment. In other words, my family member needed to see the physician’s assistant (i.e. not even […]

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