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The similarities between knives and powers of attorney

August 11, 2016

Are knifes dangerous or useful instruments? That depends on how they used and for what purpose (and by whom). Most of us would not see a typical kitchen knife and immediately have feelings of panic and fear.  We understand that kitchen work often requires the use of knives.  And it is difficult in most instances to prepare […]

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Angel or Devil? New book will soon be available

March 24, 2016

Each of us is both good and bad (depending on the day and circumstance).  Our life planning should reflect this reality. The new book is based on this idea, which I was first reminded of when reading a book by Tolstoy a few years ago, wherein is found the following profound statement: “Men [and women] […]

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WHAT is a Power of Attorney and WHEN would I need one?

April 15, 2015

Like any tool or instrument, a Power of Attorney can be very useful. However, like any tool or instrument, a Power of Attorney can also be used incorrectly. In our last post, we focused on Pour Over Will basics, including the fact that Pour Over Wills are often used as part of a comprehensive estate […]

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