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“form” estate planning documents can lead to BIG probems

April 5, 2014

Penny wise and pound foolish–yet another example in the context of “do it yourself” estate planning. A sad story that should have been prevented. This is something we have discussed often, but it has recently come up again with regard to an unfortunate story in Florida, where a woman decided to utilize a “do it […]

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Do it yourself estate planning is NOT a good idea!!

March 12, 2014

Putting your child on the deed of your home, as a method of “do it yourself” estate planning can lead to very bad and very expensive consequences. This is a topic we have discussed before, but it comes up often, so it is worth revisiting. I received a phone call a short time ago […]

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Staying Eligible for Medicaid After The Death of a Spouse

November 26, 2013

Determining eligibility for Medicaid can be tricky at the outset and maintaining eligibility over time can also be complicated. With the rising costs of long-term care, including nursing home expenses, Medicaid and being qualified for the same is becoming an ever-more-important subject for many people. There are certain rules and regulations established by state and […]

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do it yourself estate planning is penny wise and pound foolish

September 10, 2013

“Do it yourself” estate planning is not a good idea… We’ve blogged on this subject previously, but it just keeps coming up, including a few times again last week. Therefore, it’s worth revisiting this topic yet again. Imagine a scenario where you’re talking to a good friend, while sitting in the park on a sunny […]

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What is my gross estate in the eyes of the IRS?

August 26, 2013

Last week, while doing a workshop, we were discussing this very topic. We used the hypothetical example of “Bob and Mary” and their $700,000 estate. When I explained that Bob and Mary were average middle-class people and that their “estate” was $700,000, I received a few strange looks. Presumably, people were thinking that someone […]

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Estate Planning Myth: “Its not worth the trouble and expense of hiring an attorney…”

August 21, 2013

Let’s face it, the prospect of dealing with an attorney is not pleasant for most people. Even as an attorney, the thought of working with another attorney makes me a little uncomfortable…:) In fact, I would even suggest that for most attorneys, the worst part of their job is having to deal with other attorneys. […]

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Putting S Corporation Stock Into Your Trust

July 15, 2013

Can you put S corporation trust stock into your trust? Very important question. Read on for the answer. When establishing a trust, it is always important to consider what assets are being put into said trust. While most assets can be put into a trust, sometimes it is better not to put certain assets into […]

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Estate Planning Myth: “I’ll lose control of my property…”

July 8, 2013

Losing control of property is a genuine concern for some people when they consider the topic of estate planning. However, the reality is that when using a qualified estate planning attorney, the vast majority of the time a person who undertakes to establish and maintain a proper estate plan will retain total control of their […]

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Estate Planning Myth: “I can’t afford it…”

July 5, 2013

Finding quality, affordable estate planning help can sometimes be a challenge. However, many people cannot afford NOT to get the right estate planning assistance. Lets face it, most things these days cost money and the price of such things seems to be going up every time we turn around. Most of us are […]

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