You have enough time (we all do)

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We tend to find time (i.e. make time) for things we value. That which we consider important gets our attention (and time), often at the expense of other stuff.

I have been doing a lot of business travel lately and in the course of those travels, I was reminded of the resource of TED talks.  One such talk that I listened to was by Laura Vanderkam titled “Find the time for what matters”.  The thesis statement for her talk is the obvious point that we all have the same number of hours in the day, the week and the month, yet some of us get more done during those hours. She also points out the idea (truth, really) that each of us finds time to do those things which we truly value and prioritize and if we want to know what those things are, we should consider how we spend our time.

For example, I know a person who begins and ends each day on his phone reviewing scores and stories on  There is hardly an item of “sports news” that this person is not aware of, down to the smallest detail.  At the same time, this person often struggles to get to appointments and other commitments on time and there are many things in his “to do” list that remain on that list and are procrastinated day after day.  This person may often feel like he just does not have enough time to accomplish everything he would like to accomplish, but it is likely not a case of not having enough time, but rather a case of misuse and misapplication of available time.

Forget about this person and consider your own situation. Do you often feel like there just are not enough hours in the day and that you need more time to accomplish all that you are obligated to do? Though a very common sense, even obvious, step, I would recommend to each of us that if we want to understand why we very often feel pressed for time and struggle to be as productive as we want to be, we should start by keeping track of how we spend our time for a few days or a week.  Keep a daily journal of what time you wake up and then how you spend your time from morning to night. If you are like me, you will be surprised to find that there are many time “gaps” in each day when you could be doing productive things, but you (like me) instead use your time for less productive and less important things.  I am not going to make any further commentary on electronic devices, social media, etc. because that hits too close to home and is tell self-incriminating…:)  I will say, however, that my experience is that I can find time to watch a certain game, or catch upon the latest sports news, no matter how busy I am in other aspects of my life. There are many other things which are, of course, far more important that sports and for me, the challenge is to align my values with my time usage.

Maybe you don’t have any issues with time management and getting everything done that you need to get done. If you fall into that category of being a highly efficient and wise time-manager, please pat yourself on the back and know that you are a very unique individual. Please then look around, to your right and to your left, and see just about every other person in your life who could use help and improvement in this area and do what you can to share your wisdom and time-management expertise.  Finally, if you are like me in this regard–i.e. in much need of improvement, know that you are not alone, that you are very much “normal” and commit or re-commit to improve even in the smallest measure. As we know, very small adjustments in action and course correction can lead to significant improvements and changed destinations over a period of time.

Good luck!

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