Sushi and Professional Services

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Sushi and professional services have at least one thing in common: you should expect to pay a price for the good stuff.

I love sushi.  Let me clarify–I love good sushi.  I would venture that most people who dislike sushi have never had quality sushi.  Rather, most people who say that they “hate sushi” are those whose only experience is an unwise purchase of gas station or grocery store items called sushi.  If you happen to fall into this category, let me assure you that what is peddled in gas stations and grocery stores is really not anything close to “good sushi”.  So again, I love sushi, but I also know that to get good sushi, I must be willing and able to pay a price for the same.  (parenthetically, did you know that sushi-grade tuna can sell for more than $3,000 per pound?)

You may be wondering at this point what in the world all of this talk about raw fish has to do with professional services.  Fair question.  Let me try to make the connection.  I routinely meet folks who in the past went the budget route for their legal services, accounting, investment advising or similar professional experiences and had an awful experience in the end.  While not always the case, the overwhelming majority of people who take this route, thinking at the time that they are getting a bargain and at the same time getting the “real thing”, end up being very unhappy with the results.  They often then label all such professionals and related services as bad, horrible, awful, etc.  Who is to blame for this?  That depends.  Not important.  What is important? What’s the point of all of this talk of fish and professionals?

If you believe that you can get “all you can eat sushi” for $2.99 from the gas station, that this is going to be a good experience and one that you won’t regret in the not-so-distant future, you are mistaken and your error will become very clear before the next morning.  Likewise, while it may seem, at first, a good idea to get the “cheap stuff” with regard to professional services, most of the time you will regret that decision. While the regret and discomfort comes more quickly with the bad sushi, chances are that you or someone else will eventually be required “pay the piper” when it comes to cut-rate professional services.

Is this a self-serving blog post? Yes, probably so. But self-serving or not, it is still true. When you dentist tells you to brush and floss, he is giving you a self-serving message (self-serving for him). Notwithstanding, it is still a very good idea to brush and floss.

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